Class Schedule

Subject Name Num of Sessions Type of Class Class Application Deadline Starting Date Apply Price (IDR)
Cybersecurity Law and Regulation 16 Regular Online Apr 15, 2023 May, 2023 Apply 3.200.000
Computer Forensic 40 Regular Offline Apr 15, 2023 May, 2023 Apply 4.800.000

Description of the table:

  • 1 Session = 50 Minutes
  • For the evening class will take place from around 6 pm to 8 pm. Normally 2 sessions on weekdays and 7 sessions on Saturdays will be delivered. Example, 16 sessions class usually needs 5 Weekdays and 1 Saturday.
  • For daytime class, the class will take place from 9 am to 17 pm, 8 sessions per day. Example, 16 sessions class usually needs 2 days.
  • Please note that each class has minimum number of participants to be held. If the number of participants is below that, idCARE.UI cannot open the class. In that case idCARE.UI cannot be responsible for any inconvenience of yours incurred by the cancellation.
  • idCARE.UI limited the quota for participants up to 15 people for 1 class.
  • idCARE.UI will select the participants who applies to the class if applicants exceed maximum quota or class.
  • Offline exam is required for all subjects. The exam will be conducted in UI Depok Campus or Salemba Campus.


Type of Class Eligibility
Regular Anyone can apply.
  • Anyone can apply at our special discount rate.
  • If the number of applications exceeds the limit, Priority is given to Participants from Critical Information Infrastructure.
CII Free Only participants from Critical Information Infrastructure Operator (CII) are eligible to apply.


Please check if you are eligible to apply for the class based on the type of class. If you are not sure, please ask IdCARE.UI secretariat. Your participation is only confirmed after you receive confirmation email from IdCARE.UI secretariat.

*CII, Critical Information Infrastructure operators are categorized into 9 sectors, Government Administration, Energy and Mineral Resources, Transportation, Finance, Health, Information and Communication Technology, Food and Agriculture, Defense and Other sectors set by the President of Indonesia.

How to apply

If you are eligible and apply to one of our classes scheduled above, please use the google form for each class and directly apply for each class. If you are eligible, you will receive email from IdCARE.UI secretariat. If you have any questions, please contact IdCARE.UI secretariat from the contact page below.