How To Apply

IdCARE.UI is seeking for the applicant who meets the following criteria:
  • Having experiences on teaching IT classes in higher education institutes or experiences as an IT practitioner more than 2 years
  • Holder of bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Having good English proficiency
  • Being able to teach in UI Depok Campus or Salemba Campus

If you want to apply CAMP and be our instructor, please drop your email to along with the application form.

Download the application form
Submit the application form by email
IdCARE.UI will review your application and will send back the URL of Google form within 7 working days by email
IdCARE.UI will send a course guide of the Train the Trainer (TTT) to the selected candidate
Successful TTT attendees will be requested to run a trial course
Project will review the result of trial course, then IdCARE.UI will start the official courses
Selection & Registration
Run Trial courses