Message from JICA

The message from JICA

Dear our friends in Indonesia,

As you may have heard before, our organization, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), is a part of Japanese government and we are providing technical cooperation and other forms of aid (called Official Development Assistance, ODA) in Indonesia and other countries.
JICA is delivering a variety of activities in Indonesia, based on the agreement between Indonesian government and Japanese government, and our project at University of Indonesia is one of them.

In Indonesia, as you are aware, the demand for quantity and quality of high-level cybersecurity human resources in private institutions and governments is growing day by day. The reasons behind this are increasing number of cybersecurity threats to our daily life, ranging from attack to our PCs to the power grids.
To cope with this circumstance, Indonesia needs to develop enough number of skillful cybersecurity engineers.
Therefore, UI and JICA launched a “Project for Human Resources Development for Cybersecurity Professionals” in the year of 2019.
IdCARE.UI’s cybersecurity professional program is the core of this project and JICA team at UI is assisting IdCARE.UI in various aspects. For example, highly skilled Japanese cybersecurity experts dispatched by JICA are working together with UI lecturers to deliver advanced cybersecurity training.

If you are interested in preventing Indonesia’s Cybersecurity threats, you are welcome to join our program.
For more details of the project and JICA’s activity in Indonesia, please refer to these websites:

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